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    Interact and Communicate in Any Language
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    ISO 27001 and ISO 9001
    Information Security/ Quality Management
  • Improve Online Sales
    Increase Conversion in Any Language
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    Intuitive Interaction in Any Language

A video introduction to Klick2Contact and our suite of Services.

Omni-Channel Live Help for an Omni-Channel World
- In Any Language -

Cloud Based

K2C is entirely cloud based so there is no installation of equipment necessary and no intrusion into your IT environment. It is quick to implement and based around JavaScript so it is easy to apply to your website. K2C sits at the back of your site not the front so there is ZERO effect on your websites performance and everything operates via one Omni-Channel Console.

Improve Sales

K2C will increase your online sales by converting more of your website visitors into paying customers. It engages with customers at precisely their point of decision. In addition it personalises the contact and improves the customer experience. Our customers usually see increases in conversion and value of sale.

Social Media

This service integrates with your Social Media activity on Twitter and Facebook and other Social Media profiles and means that all tweets and postings are received into one place and in one Omni-Channel console. In addition all inbound emails can be handled too. Never miss an inbound email or Social Media posting again and respond to them instantly.


K2C's costs are reasonable and manageable. With K2C Call Back there is a fixed per minute fee which you only incur when you actually speak to a customer. For K2C Chat and K2C Social Agent and K2C Mail there is a monthly licence fee per seat which includes full access to the K2C back office, insights and analytics. Ask us for a quote!

Klick2Contact have given us the ability to enhance our online offering and increase our sales simply and efficiently.

Brook Taverner

Tailors of Distinction since 1912

We were delighted with the Klick2Contact service almost from the minute we started using it. It was very quick to implement and it produced instant positive results.

Studio Moderna d.o.o.

A leading multi-channel e-commerce company

This new K2C
Customer Engagement System has really helped us increase our conversions rates

Hayes Garden World

Horticultural experts for over 200 years

We use K2C Call-Back for new and existing customers and have found this to be an effective and efficient way of making the most out of visitors to our website who otherwise would have gone without enquiring.


We use K2C Chat via the Omni-Channel Console and it has helped make our sales effort and customer care more efficient and effective


Klick2Contact provided a flexible and robust front-end integration and were able to work as if they were part of our digital team.


One of the world’s leading premium car makers

NEWS BMW UK trusts K2C to deliver enhanced support for their customers' online journeys.

Want to learn more about our services?

Contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution that meets your needs

Some of our Clients

We have customers in 14 countries – including the UK, and countries in Western and Central Europe – in many languages and across many areas of industry. From retail to travel, airlines to parcel delivery and from beds to gardens and government too - the K2C suite of services works for everyone!


Real-time customer connection that easily integrates into your setup

  • Increase conversions and improve your customers experience now
  • Live help services that helps you increase your online sales
  • Communicate better with your customers through real time chat
  • Services that integrate fully with your Social Media activity
  • Services that integrate fully with your inbound mails
  • With minimal intrusion into your IT/Web environment

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