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K2C Summary

Klick2Contact (K2C) is a cloud-based, innovative and intuitive way to improve your customer’s experience when they explore, interact with and purchase from any of your e-commerce websites via any channel.


K2C Extended Services Suite

As well as K2C's core of Live Help solutions via chat, call-back, email and Social Media, the extended suite of our customer contact services offers several innovative and efficient ways of engaging with your client base.



K2C Chat is one part of Klick2Contact's suite of interactive Live Help services and allows you to offer real-time chat assistance to your website visitors. Your agents can exchange text messages, push urls and page share both reactively and pro-actively too.


Chat Features

A Summary of the Customer Engagement in an Omni Channel World console with all the features of the chat framework. This specification document gives all the features broken into sections that are relevant with your structural organisation.


Call Back

K2C Call-Back is one part of Klick2Contact's suite of interactive Live Help services all controlled from one omni-channel console that allows you to offer real time assistance via instant call-back to your website's visitors.


Social Agent

K2C Social Agent provides full multichannel support with Social Media, email and smart ticketing integration all brought together into one console in one place. Every Social Media posting, Tweet and community/forum comment is delivered in real time and archived according to parameters set by the company itself



K2C Email is a sophisticated, powerful and flexible inbound email handling system that, as with other services in the K2C suite of Live Help solutions, is accessed from within the Omni-Channel console



Customer experience is a key part of providing effective workflow management and fast efficient customer satisfaction. K2C WF enables clients to answer customer questions, build and automatically manage case files, workflow and ultimately conclude any customer query or complaint quickly.


Company Information

Company Profile

Klick2Contact EU Ltd (K2C) was founded in May 2011 after operating for 2 years previously designing and developing the initial software that was to become the basis of the cloud based K2C suite of Live Help solutions.


White Papers

Smart Chat

Learn how effective intuitive targeted Smart Chat - Like K2C Chat - can be for both increasing online sales and also improving customer care.


Overcoming Basket Abandonment

For the vast majority of online retailers, converting more visitors into valuable customers is the number one primary objective. Marketing plans, SEO and affiliate campaigns, painstakingly co-ordinated to bring millions of visitors to your website have done their job, and yet on average more than 80% of these hard earned visitors, leave without trace.


25 Customer Chat Tips to Reassure and Nurture Your Online Customers

Live chat has been around for more than a decade, but only recently have companies discovered its profound effect on website conversion rates. A recent eMarketer paper cited live chat as being directly related to 38% of online purchases.


M-Commerce – The Complete Picture

Mobile commerce is rapidly gathering pace. In Q1 2011 sales of smartphones outstripped those of PCs for the first time – nearly doubling in sales for the devices on Q1 of 2010. At the end of August Retail Week announced that John Lewis reported that sales of tablets outstripped desktop sales for the first time.



Klick2Contact EU Ltd has been assessed by the UCAS accredited British Assessment Bureau and has been awarded ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security) and ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management) certificates.

ISO9001:2008 Quality Management


ISO27001:2013 Information Security


ISO Press Release


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