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About K2C Chat

  • Increases your online sales through Call-Back and Chat
  • Text chat instantly with your customers
  • Respond with real time help to website visitors
  • Handle multiple customers at one time
  • PCI compliant for payments in chat
  • Increase sales and improve customer care

K2C Chat is one part of Klick2Contact’s suite of interactive Live Help services and allows you to offer real-time chat assistance to your website visitors. Your agents can exchange text messages, push urls and page share both reactively and pro-actively too. It is quick, efficient, customer friendly and what customers want. K2C Chat can be offered as a stand-alone product or with K2C Call-Back and K2C Social Agent too.

Text chat in real time

Live chat is a proven technology which online purchasers both need and want. It is easy and quick and allows you to deal with your customers needs in real time. Your agents can handle more than one chat at the same time which makes this form of customer engagement both cost effective and efficient.

During the chat your agent can push urls to help direct the customer to the place on your website that they require all from an easy to use agent console. Chats can be mailed to the customer as a PDF instantly at the end of the chat and a survey offered automatically.

Easy to set up and customize

All aspects of the chat button – both intuitive and static – and the customer facing window can be tallored to fit in with the design of your website’s overall look and feel. Or you can use one of our library of existing icons which can then be altered to Include your company colours.

The JavaScript that enables K2C Chat on your website is easy to apply and your chat agents will be chatting with your customers within seconds of it going live.

Full Back Office and reports

K2C provides a unique login for your agents and supervisor to give access to a full range of on-line back office reports, charts and data – and It’s all available in real time too.

Every place of data is stored in the back office from the full details of the customer, the actual texts of the chats, time to answer, average chat durations, the results of each chat and survey results too.

The major data is downloadable as a CSV file for easy analysis and distribution.

The Service offers a range of features

  • Call Back - The ultimate personal contact. Increase sales and improve your customer care in one go. Pay only when you connect to a customer with a per minute price.
  • Fast Integration - The one line of JavaScript that makes K2C work on your site is quick to apply - and as it sits at the back of your site and not at the front like some rival services - so there is ZERO effect on your IT environment.
  • Chat - With a click of a button your customers can chat in real time and your agents can handle multiple chats at one time so it’s efficient and effective.
  • Social Media - With K2C Social Agent every Tweet, Facebook posting or community and forum comment becomes a live chat multichannel into one channel in real time.
  • Increased Efficiency - K2C will make the most of your existing traffic and utilise your agents in the most effective way possible.
  • Inbound E-Mail - K2C Email plugs into a customer’s inbound e-mails and automatically creates tickets, which agents can respond to in real time from one single interface.
  • After Service Surveys - Want to know what your customers think of K2C or your company? Ask them! At the end of each chat or call a quick, optional survey will tell you what you want to know with all results available in real time
  • Library of Responses - By automating some of your most used responses and by having a standard and personalised greeting and goodbye your agents will be more personal, efficient, and effective.
  • History and logs - Every chat or call back is stored within 15 seconds in your back office for later use. Every conversation can be viewed, the results analysed and changes to your operations made as a result.
  • Social web monitoring - K2C Listening monitors the Social Web for all mentions made about and to your company. It monitors and evaluates all Social Media, news sites , blogs and RSS feeds in 160 languages in real time.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Your back office - available 24 hours a day - has reports on and details of every communication received as well as the ability to monitor key metrics like time to respond and length of call/chat.
  • Push URL and Co-browse - Want to show a customer a specific page? Push them the URL. Want to look at the screen with them? Use the co-browse to increase your chances of selling. Available in chat and call back.
  • Multi-Language Capability - K2C currently operates in 15 languages - and there is no restriction on which languages can be introduced as K2C allows Western, Cyrillic and Oriental alphabets to be integrated easily.
  • Dynamic Agent Availability - Set the availability of your agents and the number of chats or calls they can take and never have to worry about the service being offered when no-one is available.
  • Tailored Icons - We have a bank of icons for static, sidebar and intuitive use which you can change to suit your colour and look and feel - or you can design your own and we will wrap our code around them.


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K2C Chat is one part of Klick2Contact's suite of interactive Live Help services and allows you to offer real-time chat assistance to your website visitors. Your agents can exchange text messages, push urls and page share both reactively and pro-actively too.


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