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K2C Workflow

About K2C Workflow

  • A Complete Automated End-to-End Workflow Customer Experience
  • Searchable Frequently Asked Questions
  • Reduce the time and cost to resolve Disputes
  • Avoid costly litigation
  • Easy for both company and Customer

Customer experience is a key part of providing effective workflow management and fast and efficient customer satisfaction. K2C WF enables our clients to answer customer questions, build and automatically manage case files, manage workflow, and ultimately conclude any customer query or complaint quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Whether you are a bank, a gas or electricity supplier, a telecommunications company or a major retail company K2C WF will help you by providing a secure, customizable and automated end-to-end workflow customer experience.

Multi-Channel Communication – Quality controlled and Secure

Whether hard or soft copy, email or letter whatever means you use to communicate with your customer, K2C WF will consolidate it all in one place. K2C WF also operates with real time updates allowing agents to have the data relating to a customer and their issues exactly when they need it. Quality systems are built in for accurate data output – so, for example, letter output is cleansed to ensure accurate correspondence. The whole service is hosted in a Tier 4 data centre with 3 factor biometric access.

Intuitive System – Easy to set-up and operate

K2C WF has been designed to be easy to implement and easy to be trained on – in just half a day! It operates as an outsource system with a full in-house user Admin – Users can, therefore, be created and edited within minutes. It is a fully templated system using prepopulated forms and one that is easily replicated for new companies.

Proven New Technology – But Integratable with Legacy systems too

K2C WF does not have to be a brand new process in your company as it can be fully integrated with your existing legacy customer contact systems. It is also customisable and can be tailored precisely for your needs – and those of your customers. Whatever business you are in, K2C WF will help you run the workflow relating to disputes within that business better.

The Service offers a range of features

  • Connectivity
    OutputBrowser based in a hosted environment. No need for on-site infrastructure builds.
  • Security
    Fully Penetration tested ensuring your data is secure. Access can be fully controlled by K2C WF.
  • White Label
    Site can be brand specific or white label. Compatible from IE8 and above Firefox 10.Chrome or above.
  • Users
    There is an on-line management portal allowing you to manage your users, so no need for service desk requests.
  • Customer Contact
    System can log letters, emails and calls and keep all communication on a per customer ‘case file’. Full case file and workflow management with dropdown FAQ fully searchable by keyword.
  • Output
    Template letter responses can be generated using all customer info – no need for any free hand ensuring consistent quality. Bespoke letters can be generated and associated to a case file (either from paragraph or total free hand)
  • User Activity
    All actions are logged on a per user basis against each case file (these can be viewed in quick view for Quality Assurance staff).
  • Data Imports
    All historical data can be imported in bulk to allow you to use info from legacy systems.
  • Letter Imports
    A scheduled import can be managed by the system to import all inbound letters and automatically assigned to a case file or assigned to a queue.
  • Reporting
    A full suite of Management Information data is available as a scheduled export.
  • Queues
    Multiple work queues available with user permissions assigned to them to enable accurate resource management and adherence to SLA’s.
  • Calendar Events and Reminders
    All case files can have reminders set for repeat communications and follow ups.
  • Money Saving
    K2C WF helps you avoid costly litigation by resolving customer issues quickly and efficiently.
  • SL Management
    Specific SL’s can be managed/reported on based on business rules, tailored to the Client.
  • Reconciliation Tool
    A redress calculator can be applied for compensation cases. Full audit trail available for legacy cases.


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Customer experience is a key part of providing effective workflow management and fast efficient customer satisfaction. K2C WF enables clients to answer customer questions, build and automatically manage case files, workflow and ultimately conclude any customer query or complaint quickly.


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