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K2C Listening

About K2C Listening

  • Monitor conversations on the entire social web
  • K2C Listening tracks down all relevant conversations about a brand, product, competitor and industry.
  • All Major Social Networks
  • Millions of News sites, blogs and forums
  • Over 160 languages
  • In all countries
  • Real- Time
  • All from the K2C Omni-channel console
  • K2C Listening provides a 360° view on the performance of your social campaigns, online reputation and social profiles.
  • Use our standard analytics, or slice & dice the data to create customized dashboards based on what’s important to you.
  • Deep Filtering
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Discover Trends
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Fans & Influencers
  • Top Photos & Videos
  • Demographics
  • Specialized performance reports on your social profiles

Keep track of everything said about your brand on all your social profiles at once and in one place


Discover top conversations and compare your buzz to that of your competitors


Where are people talking about your brand?


Who is the most influential with that they say about you or your competitors?


Which photos and videos are being shared about your brand?


Compare your social media profiles with your competitors


Gather valuable insights in the performance of your social profiles


All from the K2C Omni-Channel console


The Service offers a range of features

  • What are people talking about? - Discover trends, top conversations, photos, videos
  • Who are they? - Find fans, influencers and their demographics
  • Where? - Find top and influential websites and social networks
  • Measure - Charts and tables of all known social media metrics
  • What can you monitor? - your brand, your competitors, your industry, your senior executives
  • What sources are monitored? - Social Media, news sites, blogs, forums, review sites
  • Global and local - All countries and 160 languages possible
  • Full Training provided
  • All accessed via the K2C Omni-Channel console - along with chat and call back requests, inbound emails and Social Media postings


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Listening Datasheet

Want to know what are saying about you anywhere online? Keep your ears open with K2C's Social Media Monitoring Tool. Listen across social media, news sites, blogs forums and more in 160 languages.


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