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Studio Moderna

Studio Moderna: leading multi-brand and direct-to-consumer electronic retailer in Central and Eastern Europe

We have been working with K2C since March 2011. We started by implementing K2C Call-Back as a sales tool on our main website - TopShop - in Romania and following a successful trial there rolled it out to other countries so that by the end of 2011 we were using the service in Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and The Czech Republic. This brings the total to 11 countries. We also expanded the service to sit on all of our other brands and websites in each country - Dormeo, Delimano, WalkMaxx, Kosmodisk, LiveActive and Shark. Our customers use the service every day and we have consistently achieved significant extra sales as a result of K2C, with K2C sales showing an increased value over our self-serve clients as well as achieving a more than satisfactory Return on Investment. The support and account management from the K2C team has also been excellent - whether in the initial stages with training, implementation and advice - or in ongoing help related to the addition of new brands, as we just did with LiveActive, or dealing with a completely new internet team, as just happened in Poland, or the introduction of the new Slide-Bar onto all our brands as happened last year. K2C is an innovative and effective service which is now firmly part of Studio Moderna's customer offering.
Adrian Burleton, CEO, Studio Moderna