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Improve sales and deliver a truly seamless Omni-Channel customer experience.

Improve your customer’s experience

Klick2Contact (K2C) is a cloud-based, innovative and intuitive way to improve your customer’s experience when they explore, interact with and purchase from any of your e-commerce websites via any channel. K2C offers Live Help for your customer in real time via Voice or Chat – and it integrates with your Social Media presence and emails too! In addition K2C Listening monitors the Social Web for all mentions to and about a company – in any country and any language. All of K2C’s range of products can work as stand alone solutions or in combination.

The Omni-Channel Challenge

K2C can help you:

  • Increase your online sales through Call-Back and Chat
  • Act as a comprehensive Live ticketing system
  • Improve your customer service
  • Integrate with your Social Media activity and inbound mails
  • All in one easy to access omni-channel interface
  • K2C Listening monitors the Social Web for all mentions about your company
Jason Scott
Managing Director, Brook Taverner
"Klick2Contact have given us the ability to enhance our online offering and increase our sales simply and cost effectively. As there were no up front set up fees we felt it was an easy decision for us to try it and it took only a few days to set up on the site. Customer satisfaction has improved through the use of K2C and our customers have commented on the service and told us it is yet another example of Brook Traverner's dedication to innovation in customer service"


Help customers to complete orders. Share screens securely and boost sales.


Customer Service that never sleeps

Live Chat

Offer real-time live chat assistance to your website visitors

Instant Callback

Increase sales and improve customer care by offering instant or scheduled call back

Email Management

Sophisticated inbound and outbound Email management platform

Knowledge Base - Internal

Enable your agents to provide customers with accurate answers, faster

Knowledge Base - External

Multi-channel knowledge capability that makes it easier for customers to find answers

K2C Listening

Monitor the Social Web for all mentions made ABOUT you and TO you.

Social Media Agent

Engage with your online community in real-time, on any Social media platform.

Smart SMS

Send and receive SMS and text chat via the Omni-Channel console


Give your agents the information they need to resolve customer cases quickly