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Email Management

Sophisticated inbound and outbound Email management platform

Manage your Email – all in one place

K2C Email is a sophisticated, powerful and flexible email handling system that, as with other services in the K2C suite of Live Help solutions, is accessed from within the Omni-Channel console. It can handle inbound mails and web contact forms securely and quickly from all major email systems – from Google Mail to Exchange!

It's also possible to use the service for bulk outbound email.

Email Management

Improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction

Use of K2C Email will improve the efficiency of customer responses, make the most of current staff resources and consequently increase customer satisfaction as a result. And not forgetting how much more likely it is that a customer will buy from you if there is a speedy, detailed and accurate reply to their queries and requests.

As K2C Email can be integrated with your CRM system, it means your web agent gets the complete picture and full customer information and interaction history to allow them to make the most detailed and accurate response possible. There are also automated service processes available that include auto-replies, suggestions and acknowledgements.

Inbound and Outbound too

K2C Email not only manages all of your inbound mails – from any source, address or web form, but its is a powerful outbound tool as well.

Use it for marketing messages, special offers or surveys knowing that all responses come back into the sophisticated back engine for both response and analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Allows your web agent to handle inbound emails and web forms in real time
  • Assigns priorities based on pre-set rules
  • Allows skill based routing of emails to departments or individuals
  • Supports all major secure email server connections
  • Full indexing of emails in back office
  • Can be linked to your company CRM
  • Can be integrated with knowledge base to allow searches based on received messages

How Email Management Works

K2C Email is set up to handle all inbound emails from any source, whether it’s a web form or contact page - or any number of email addresses.

It can work with any type of email – whether its web based or Microsoft Exchange – K2C Email can handle it all.

The service is entirely secure and skill based routing of mails is possible through key words and rules also.