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Live Chat

Offer real-time live chat assistance to your website visitors

Respond with real time help to website visitors

K2C Chat is one part of Klick2Contact’s suite of interactive Live Help services and allows you to offer real-time chat assistance to your website visitors.

Your agents can exchange text messages, push urls, page share and co-browse both reactively and pro-actively too. It is quick, efficient, customer friendly and what customers want. K2C Chat can be offered as a stand-alone product or with other K2C products.

Live Chat

Text chat in real time

Live chat is a proven technology which online purchasers both need and want. It is easy and quick and allows you to deal with your customers’ needs in real time. Your agents can handle more than one chat at the same time which makes this form of customer engagement both cost effective and efficient.

During the chat your agent can push URLs to help direct the customer to the place on your website that they require - all from an easy to use agent console. Chats can be emailed to the customer as a PDF instantly at the end of the chat and a survey offered automatically.

Easy to set up and customize

All aspects of the chat button – both intuitive and static – and the customer facing window can be tailored to fit in with the design of your website’s overall look and feel. Or you can use one of our library of existing icons which can then be altered to Include your company colours.

The one line of JavaScript enabling K2C Chat functionality on your website, is easy to apply and your chat agents will be talking with your customers within seconds of it going live.

Key Live Chat Benefits

  • Handle multiple customers at one time
  • Increase sales and improve customer service
  • Respond with real-time help to website visitors
  • PCI DSS compliant for payments in chat
  • Cloud based - so no impact on your IT environment
  • Dynamic – so never offered if an agent is not available

How Live Chat Works

Live Chat is really easy and quick to set up and customise. As it is a cloud based service, there is just one line of JavaScript to apply to your site and no bloated software to install.

The Javascript that enables Live Chat to function on your website couldn't be easier to add. The Live Chat button and the customer-facing window can be designed to emulate your website's theme.

The Library of Responses enables you to automate many of your commonly-used greetings and answers, saving your agents time and repetitiveness - all while providing a consistent, professional service.

Chat and Take Payments

Sometimes there's nothing worse than just wanting to make a payment, and being told to wait or go and pay elsewhere. That's the norm for Live Chat experiences - but it doesn't need to be. With K2C Live Chat and our ability to take PCI compliant payments, you can now enable your customers to make a payment and talk at the same time. Download the datasheet below to find out more.

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As part of our Live Help Suite,
Live Chat is a great fit with some of our other services



The ultimate personal contact. Make it ultra easy for online customers to request an instant call-back from your team — and close each sale when they're in the perfect mood to buy.



Want to show a customer a specific page while you're chatting? Push them the URL. You can also look at the screen with them using Co-browse.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Monitoring

With our Social Agent service, every Tweet, Facebook posting or community and forum comment becomes a live chat multi-channel into one channel in real time.


After Service Surveys

Want to know what your customers think of your service levels? Ask them! At the end of each chat session, a quick survey will give you feedback in real time.

Organisations of all types are using our Live Chat System to increases sales