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Smart SMS

Send and receive SMS and text chat via the Omni-Channel console

Secure, reliable Smart SMS

Send and receive SMS via a secure reliable global network. With a local options for over 156 countries, advanced scaling technology and direct connections - you can send with confidence. Use it for inbound conversations or outbound marketing or for sending customer surveys.


In depth reporting and analytics

An SMS has no value unless your customer actually receives it, i.e. it has not simply been delivered to the network . We report real time on every message, by confirming the message receipt status. Submitting an SMS doesn’t necessarily mean your customer receives it. K2C’s reporting allows you to differentiate between the two and much more. Full reports available in real time.

Key Benefits

  • Any message any size
  • Can attach pics, links, surveys
  • Works with every mobile operator worldwide
  • Branded SMS possible
  • Full analytics and portal available
  • Comes into the Omni-channel console
  • SMS archived for 13 months
  • Full Long message (LMS), Unicode and GSM support

How Smart SMS Works

A number is obtained which customers can use to contact you and any text appears in the Omni-Channel console.

When texts are received receive them in real time and respond from the console – much easier than texting.

Full insights and analytics in the backend and ability to send out bulk SMS too!

More than just an SMS

Good-old SMS texts are just that - text. Smart SMS messages allow you to combine text, pics, animations, video and audio for the ultimate messaging experience! All with detailed analytics and the ability to text chat in the console

Unique filtering technology allows you to automatically filter out numbers that are not live, so you only pay for SMS that are delivered. You can either use the “historical” filter (based on data from your sends) or the “live” filter (which checks first that the number can receive an SMS).

Smart SMS

The benefits of SMS are hard to ignore and with open rates for text messaging at 98% – and the average person responding in 90 seconds - why wouldn't you consider it for your business?

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