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Social Media Agent

Engage with your online community in real-time, on any Social media platform.

All in One Place

K2C Social Agent brings every Social Media posting, Tweet and community/forum comment in real time into one place for instant response. Split inboxes by Social Media profile, or team and have full Team Performance statistics for your agents and every activity they take.

Social Agent enables agents to promptly and effectively reply to customers, with “watchdog” features to ensure service standards are met.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter

K2C Social Agent is fully integrated into all major Social Media and enables a company to surprise their customers with lightning-speed customer service. Responses by agents are automatically posted back in real time and anything you can do in the Social Media profile itself you can do with K2C Social and more!

You can fliter the inbox in many different ways, add tags to incoming mentions, see entire threads of conversations, automatically assign sentiment, re-tweet and repost direct from the tool and all in one place.

Everything is then archived and 100% searchable – and anything can be downloaded or emailed as a report.

Easy to set up and customize

From the second K2C agent is set up your agents can respond in real time to mentions made to you on a variety of Social Media platfroms – not just FaceBook and Twitter, but on Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube too.You can filter retweets and likes so that your inbox isn’t full of unesseray metnions but never lose the data those responses provide.


  • Respond in one place to all Social Media postinsg and tweets
  • Split by profile or team
  • Tag VIPS, complaints, or, indeed, anything for easier searching and analyisis
  • Public or Private conversations possible
  • Watchdog features monitor service standards
  • Scalable

How Social Agent Works

Social Agent monitors social media and tracks the brand names and keywords that match your filters, turning instances into live tickets for your agents.

Social Agent helps you to stay on top of everything. Comments can be categorized, searched and archived by your agent

Your agents can respond or retweet directly from their help desk – all in one place, in one console.

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Social Agent is perfect in collaboration with the entire K2C Omni-Channel suite



Check the social web for all mentions made about and to your company. Monitor and evaluate all social media, news sites, blogs and RSS feeds in 160 languages in real time.



Our service plugs into customers' inbound emails and automatically creates tickets, which your team can respond to in real time from the Social Agent interface.

Web Chat

Web Chat

With a click of a button your customers can text chat in real time. Your agents can handle multiple chats at one time, delivering personal service in a cost-effective way.



The ultimate personal contact. Make it ultra easy for online customers to request an instant call-back from your team — and close each sale when they're in the perfect mood to buy.