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K2C Omni-Channel Summary

Klick2Contact (K2C) part of Eckoh plc offers a full suite suite of Live Help and Customer Engagement Services – all offered in real time and accessible through one Omni-Channel Console.

Live Chat

K2C Chat is one part of Klick2Contact's suite of interactive Live Help services and allows you to offer real-time chat assistance to your website visitors. Your agents can text chat, push urls and co-browse both reactively and pro-actively too.

Live Chat Datasheet

Live Chat Payments

K2C Chat Payments is a further extension of the Live Chat service. Avoid losing your customers at the payment gateway by initiating the payment process straight from the chat window.


Never lose another customer with anytime, anywhere service. Chatbots provide a 24x7x365 solution to make better use of an agents time.

Call Back

K2C Call-Back is one part of Klick2Contact's suite of interactive Live Help services all controlled from one Omni-Channel console that allows you to offer real time assistance via instant call-back to your website's visitors.

Call Back Datasheet


K2C Co-browsing enables your agents to take control by guiding customers through their sales journey. You can share screens, fill forms together and much more, all in a secure environment.

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K2C Email is a sophisticated, powerful and flexible inbound email handling system that, as with other services in the K2C suite of Live Help solutions, is accessed from within the Omni-Channel console.

K2C Email Datasheet

Knowledge Base - Internal

K2C Internal Knowledge Base, lets you share your knowledge with your customers to help them, help themselves. It also helps agents to provide accurate, consistent and helpful responses but integrating all of your services into one central console.

Internal Knowledge Base Datasheet

Knowledge Base - External

K2C External Knowledge Base, delivers a multi-channel capability that significantly reduces the effort needed for customers to find the answers they need. It has been proven to deliver an enhanced customer experience as well as impressive savings.

External Knowledge Base Datasheet


K2C Listening tracks down all relevant conversations about a brand, product, competitor and industry across all Major Social Networks – including millions of News sites, blogs and forums in over 160 languages In all countries and in real time.

Social Agent

K2C Social Agent provides full multichannel support with Social Media, email and smart ticketing integration all brought together into one console in one place. Every Social Media posting, Tweet and community/forum comment is delivered in real time and archived according to parameters set by the company itself.

Social Agent Datasheet


K2C SmartSMS, lets you communicate easily to thousands of customers with important offers, confirmations, surveys and much more. It easily allows you to improve your customer experience and get a deeper understanding of their needs/behaviors.


Customer experience is a key part of providing effective workflow management and fast efficient customer satisfaction. K2C Workflow enables clients to answer customer questions, build and automatically manage case files, workflow and ultimately conclude any customer query or complaint quickly.

K2C Workflow datasheet


K2C Development makes it easy to customise solutions to all your business needs. All our intuitive solutions are cloud-based which makes them easy to deploy, secure and implement.

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